Integrity and Inclusivity

October 26 – 28, 2019

9:00 am


Dequals ELT Conference

is a unique opportunity for English language teachers, ELT retailers, ELT providers and businesses to come together and get to know each other and find new customers from new potential markets. Our guest list includes the residents of the EU, the UK, Russia, Kazakhstan, Israel, Lebanon, Ukraine and Belarus.








Katherine Reilly profile1

Katherine Reilly

ELT Training, ICT Integration in Teaching and Learning

Her authoring endeavors include children’s books, ICT courses and Exam Preparation Material.

Ana Martin

Anna Martin

Teacher, editor, Content Team leader

Will share with us her experiences in cross-curricular applications of Computing and Robotics in ELT.


Elena Peresada

English teacher, a teacher trainer and a materials writer, author of StudyCraft methodology and the leader of Trendy English

How to turn exercises from a course book into games and role plays.

Dr pauter

Dr Petros Mina

Lead ai architect at Fountech

“Education; Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow”

Headwise_CateStewart-Gifford 500x500

Cate Stewart-Gifford

Course Development & Training Facilitator, Headwise Education Consultancy

“Implementing Wellbeing in the Classroom”

Headwise_ArletteShohmelian 500x500

Arlette Shomelian

Student Wellbeing & School Development, Headwise Education Consultancy

“Implementing Wellbeing in the Classroom”

fffffs (1)

Svetlana Georgitsopoulou

Teacher trainer, LRN Language audit expert

“Benefits of Introducing International English Exams in the School Curriculum: Triple Boost”


Elena Buraya

Cambridge University graduate

“Teach your kids to be High Impact Leaders in your English class”

ffff (1)

Antonis Ioannou

Founder and director at Plato English Institute

“English Summer Camp: advantages for kids and adults”

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ABCarpet brings their colourful abc carpets, board games and toys for unlimited fun at the English lessons


Global ELT- elt publications agent and retailer will be presenting the latest editions of the English Language course books and fiction.

What will you get?

Learn about the ELT practices worldwide

Share ELT experiences in teaching speaking, reading, writing and listening

Personally meet world renowned ELT speakers

Meet your potential students and customers

Purchase useful teaching materials and merchandise

Exchange personal experiences with teachers from other countries

Enjoy Cypriot Hospitality

Relax and swim on the beach while the Cyprus summer is still on

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2-day participation fee


If you are coming from abroad:
The conference organizers will be more than happy to facilitate your transfer and accommodation!

Accommodation B&B at a 3-star fully renovated Pefkos Hotel is 65€ for two persons per night ( breakfast included).

Alternatively you can stay at the Plato Apartments for 45€ for two people per night with breakfast.

Participation fee for businesses : please contact the organizers

Conference schedule

Conference Programme:


10:00 – Superminds Workshop
11:00 – Dequals presentation
11:45 – Sphero Robots in an English classroom ( presentation and workshop)
13:00-13:30 – Lunch break
13:30- 14:15 – Katherine Reilly’s online classroom ( presentation)
14:30-15:30 – Petros Minas ( Fountech Presentation)


10:00 11:30 – Gamification presentation and Workshop with Elena Peresada
11:45- 13:15 – Headwise Education Presentation and workshop with Arlette Shomelian and Kate Stewart-Gifford
13:15-14:00 lunch break
14:00-15:00 – Katherine Reilly’s workshop



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Language School PLATO, Limassol
Svetlana Georgitsopoulou

Day 1 – Presentation (50 minutes)

–         Introduction
–         History of English Language Teaching (ELT)
–         Yesterday’s Learners and Contrast to the ones of Today (new challenges and goals)
–         Engaging the student through new approaches (stimulation, encouragement, self-awareness of his potential and capabilities)
–         Creativity, Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration. (the four prerequisites in today’s challenging educational field)
–         The role of the four “C” skills. How to integrate them in class
–         What exactly is “Information Communication Technology” (ICT), its Integration in ELT, and how this could benefit the Learning Process
–         Combination of “C” skills with ICT
–         Teaching Proposals with ICT.
–         What is the “correct” approach to using ICT?

Day 2 – Workshop (50 minutes)

Organizing your class online. 

  • Simple steps to creating an e-class for your students.

  • Presenting the lesson on electronic devices. 

  • What software should I use?

How to keep your students engaged.

  • Multimedia, Gamification, Interaction.

Sharing notes with your students.

  • How to save lesson notes for further studying.

Conducting Proper Research with your students on the Internet. 

  • Dangers and what to avoid.

Evaluating students at the end of the lesson.

  • Creating your own assessment forms.

Assignments and Homework

  • Keeping students motivated and reassuring them of their progress, even after the lesson.

Teachers of English often use Role plays.

They assign students roles – a waiter, customer, doctor or patient. Such Role plays are very useful for speaking, but teens are unlikely to get involved in them. In my talk I’ll give a few ideas how to introduce Role plays to a teenage class.

When I talk about Role-Play-Games (RPGs) I do not mean Drama activities and Role-plays “In a café,” “At the doctor’s,” which many teachers are familiar with. RPGs are a special type of a game, which is an interactive story with only basic plot elements. Players describe their actions through narrative and this is how the story develops. The players make decisions based on their traits of character and special skills (they describe them in Character Profile at the beginning of the game). To see if players’ decisions are successful or not, we use a 20-sided dice. A person, who makes a decision, rolls the dice and if the result is “successful” (e.g. from 15 to 20) his or her suggested action is a success, but if not – he or she fails and something bad happens.

‘Implementing Wellbeing in the Classroom’

Headwise Education Consultancy will present an introduction to positive education and its key benefits for students, teachers and schools. You will hear about a range of tools and ideas to help promote student wellbeing in the classroom and how they relate to academic achievement and sustainable wellbeing.

Workshop – 45 mins

‘Language Matters’

In this 45 minute workshop we will look at language and how we can use it to create an environment that supports positive education. Strong relationships – between students, staff, parents and school leaders – require ”fertile soil” in which to develop and support a positive school culture that supports academic achievement.

At the end of this workshop you will have practical tools and techniques, including key language, to promote students’ intrinsic motivation, strengthen classroom and organisational relationships and increase your understanding of how you communicate.